Artist Statement

I am a proud graduate of the Jewelry and Metalsmithing department at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and currently call New England my home. My work is highly inspired by architectural forms. Photographs taken while traveling, often serve as the origins of a design. When I look to the skyline I pull out specific buildings and deconstruct them into their core components in an attempt to understand their logic and order. One of my primary challenges is how architectural references can be reinterpreted in the scale of jewelry without feeling like miniatures. This is where the proportions and structures of the human body become so essential.

I like to think of the body as a landscape and to create site-specific pieces of jewelry. Based on my studies of the body I begin to understand how the piece must function. Unlike a construction site, the human body is in constant motion. When worn, my jewelry desires to go beyond applied adornment to become one with the body, echoing its curves and responding to changing topography and the subtlest of movements.

When working through a new idea I like to begin with paper models, often building necklaces directly on the dress form which requires an immediate response to the contours of the body. I've found that the paper models translate particularly well into thin gauge sheet metal which I am able to score and fold into crisp forms that are voluminous yet deceivingly light to wear. Though I work primarily in sterling silver, you will notice that I add pops of color through the use of stones, patinas, and alternative materials such as fabric, plastic and paper.

Upcoming Events

MAY 5, 2012
RISD Spring Alumni Art Sale
Benefit Street- Providence, RI
Table #138

June 22-24, 2012
Newport Flower Show at Rosecliff
548 Bellevue Avenue- Newport, RI

OCTOBER 6, 2012
RISD Fall Alumni Art Sale
Benefit Street – Providence, RI

DECEMBER 8, 2012
RISD Holiday Alumni Art Sale
Rhode Island Convention Center