League of NH Craftsmen Annual Fair: Summer 2024

About the Artist

I am a proud graduate of the Jewelry and Metalsmithing Department at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and currently call New England my home.


My work is highly inspired by architectural forms. Photos taken while traveling often serve as the origins of a design. When looking to the skyline, I isolate specific buildings & deconstruct them with an interest in understanding their logic & order.


My design process often begins with paper models which I find translate well into thin gauge sheet metal, which I score & fold. This is a favorite technique as it allows for voluminous yet deceivingly lightweight forms. I strive for crisp, geometric forms & explore possibilities of pattern & repetition. 


I work primarily in silver and 18k gold, adding pops of color through the use of stones, as well as contrast & depth with oxidation. To achieve my personal vision, I try to listen to the materials to understand their properties so that I may work in symphony with rather than against these qualities, giving the final design the air of simple elegance. My jewelry ranges from easy to wear everyday adornment to sculptural conversation pieces.